School Visits

If you are interested in a school visit then please let me know. The nature of the visit can be decided based on what your school requires but here is a small selection of possibilities:

  • Large group assembly on the importance of Science / Science careers, how to stay motivated, revision / exam technique, aiming high, dealing with stress etc.
  • Masterclasses covering the more challenging areas of GCSE Science.
  • Group work with students aiming for particular levels.
  • How to deal with required practical questions.
  • Working with Heads of Science / individual teachers who may need some fresh ideas on how to motivate students to achieve their best in Science.

Before any visit, I will consult extensively with the school to establish exactly what you need and how I can help. My aim is to make the day an unforgettable experience for students, inspiring them to aim as high as they can and get the best grades possible. 

I am happy to undertake full day visits to schools in any part of the UK.  

If you’re interested then send an email to and I’ll be in touch. Please note that I can only reply to emails from school teachers or other school personnel but not from students.

Shaun Donnelly


“one of the best days we have had”


Shaun delivered an inspirational presentation and workshops to our KS4 pupils in preparation for their Science GCSE. The pupils were truly motivated throughout the day by his delivery, which was fun, honest, engaging and pitched at the perfect level.

Shaun accommodated the needs of every pupil and on a personal level he was extremely humble about his own expertise which shines through. It was one of the best days we have had and we will undoubtedly be getting Shaun back again to inspire future generations of tomorrows Scientists.

Richard McGee

Head of Science, Archbishop Temple School, Preston

“It was really inspirational as it encouraged me to try harder, and also gave me some amazing tips which were very useful whilst I was revising. This allowed me to concentrate, and learn a lot more in a short space of time. Thank You, Shaun, really loved meeting you. It was very inspirational and I really enjoyed it as did a lot of others.”

“It was an unforgettable learning experience.”

“Not only was it a great speech that inspired me to not just work hard but to believe I can achieve, but I also got to meet a Youtube legend. Thanks Shaun”

“I really enjoyed meeting Shaun as he is such an inspiration.  His presentation really brought to life what we are all capable of doing and what we can all achieve as there are many resources to help us. It has inspired me to work harder in Science as I now have the confidence that I will exceed my grades.”

“It really told me, if I want something go and get it but you have to work hard to get it. His presentation was excellent and he inspired me to work hard in every lesson of mine”

“Shaun has inspired me to keep on going even if times are hard as the only person to stop yourself from doing something is yourself. I think that he also demonstrated the ways of revising really well too. Thanks Shaun.”

“I LOVED IT!!! A really inspiring, wholesome and humble guy, the presentation was just like his videos – so simple yet so effective, it makes me want to work hard in Science because he makes it simple, therefore you can enjoy the exciting aspects of Science.

It was a really good presentation that inspired me to think more about my revision and future in studying science. I enjoyed each part of it and was an overall amazing and inspiring experience. Would love to have the opportunity to see him again.”

Various Students

Archbishop Temple School, Preston

“Our students found it simply amazing”


Our students found it simply ‘amazing’ and quite literally couldn’t believe their eyes. They were treated to a range of interactive activities that helped them to improve their confidence levels whilst subtly encouraging them to take more responsibility for their own learning.

Thank you for being so accommodating to the students’ requests for autographs, selfies and photographs. I lost count of the number of times students mentioned the word amazing.

Teachers and students alike were inspired by your visit, it captivated interest from the start with a lively interactive assembly through to a conclusion that included a combination of personalised and motivational support.

The introductory assembly was brilliant. Thorough research about the context of the school and aspirations of the students ensured that students would find it relevant, interesting and inspiring. The trademark ‘blue background’ initial slide worked like magic on students who were familiar with your Youtube channel and made them believe that you were really here at our school!

Julie Anderson

Head of Science, Omiston Sandwell Community Academy , Birmingham


“Shaun’s sessions were just like the videos, they were concise, reassuring and encouraging”

“The sessions were hugely informative and motivational”

“Shaun has given me the confidence to make me think I can not only do Science, but also get a good grade”

“Shaun is even better in real life as he was able to help us with our actual Science problems.  He was really good at explaining things to us!”

“The assembly contained some powerful messages that has motivated me to work harder across all my GCSEs!”

“Even though the sessions were only 30 minutes long, I learnt so much,  Science actually makes sense to me now”

“It’s great, I actually get moles now!”

“Shaun has a really great way of explaining things, he is an amazing teacher!”

Various Students

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy, Birmingham