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A Level Biology

Biological Molecules

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Hydrogen Bonding in Water
Alpha and Beta Glucose
Biological Roles of Water
Starch Part 1: Amylose
Starch Part 2: Amylopectin
Amino Acids
Structure and Function of Glycogen
Primary Structure and Secondary Structure of Proteins
Structure and Function of Cellulose
Tertiary Structure and Quaternary Structure of Proteins
Bonding in Proteins
Fibrous Proteins Collagen, Keratin and Elastin
Globular Proteins 1 Haemoglobin
Globular Proteins 2 Insulin and Lysozyme
Phospholipids and Cholesterol
Testing for Starch, Protein and Lipids
Testing for Reducing and Non-reducing sugars
Using a Colorimeter to Quantify Glucose 2
Using a Colorimeter to Quantify Glucose 1