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A-Level Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

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Functional Groups and Homologous Series thumbnail
Molecular Formula and Empirical Formula thumbnail
Naming Unbranched Hydrocarbons thumbnail
Displayed Formula, Structural Formula and Skeletal Formula thumbnail
Naming Branched Chain Hydrocarbons thumbnail
General Formula thumbnail
Structural Isomers thumbnail
The Structure and Properties of Alkanes thumbnail
Cis-Trans Isomers thumbnail
Separation of Alkanes by Fractional Distillation thumbnail
E / Z Isomers thumbnail
Thermal Cracking and Catalytic Cracking of Alkanes thumbnail
Free Radical Substitution of Alkanes thumbnail
Markownikoff's Rule for Electrophilic Addition to Alkenes thumbnail
The Structure and Reactivity of Alkenes thumbnail
Electrophilic Addition of a Halogen to Alkenes thumbnail
Electrophilic Addition of Hydrogen Halide to Alkenes thumbnail
Hydration of Alkenes thumbnail
Hydrogenation of Alkenes thumbnail
Environmental Effects of Addition Polymers thumbnail
Reaction between Alkenes and Sulfuric Acid thumbnail
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Alcohols thumbnail
Addition Polymers thumbnail
Volatility and Solubility of Alcohols thumbnail
Oxidation of Primary Alcohols thumbnail
Formation of Haloalkanes from Alcohols thumbnail
Oxidation of Secondary and Tertiary Alcohols
Balancing Equations for the Complete Combustion of Alcohols thumbnail
Dehydration of Alcohols Dehydration of Alcohols
Structure and Properties of Haloalkanes thumbnail
Hydrolysis of Haloalkanes by Nucleophilic Substitution thumbnail
Elimination Reaction of Haloalkanes thumbnail
The Rate of Hydrolysis of Haloalkanes by Nucleophilic Substitution thumbnail
Chlorofluorocarbons and the Ozone Layer thumbnail
Nucleophilic Substitution of Haloalkanes with Ammonia and Cyanide ions thumbnail
Interpreting Fragmentation Patterns in a Mass Spectrum thumbnail
Infrared Spectroscopy thumbnail