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Biology Paper 2 Triple


Biology Paper 2 – Triple Workbook

This is the official companion workbook for freesciencelessons written by Dr Shaun Donnelly.

In this book you will find hundreds of questions covering every topic for AQA Biology Paper 2 (Triple Science) including all the answers and detailed explanations. This book also includes full coverage of all the required practicals as well as exam tips and revision advice to help take you to the next level.  At the end of each book there is a complete specimen exam paper (with answers) to give you an idea of what to expect in your final exam.

Please note that this is a secure pdf download. You will be licensed to install the workbook viewer on two different devices and will be able to print out a maximum of two copies in total.  Due to our secure file delivery system, printing will not be possible from devices running iOS or Android operating systems.


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Biology Paper 1 - Combined Science (Foundation) Workbook

Each workbook contains

Details questions, model answers and detailed explanations for each topic covered in the videos

Example exams question with answers

Replica mock exam papers with answer and explanations


Cell Biology


Infection and Response


Biology Paper 2 – Triple Workbook

Written by Dr Shaun Donnelly

Each workbook contains

Hundreds of questions covering every topic for AQA Biology Paper 2 (Triple Science)

Detailed answers and explanations

Full coverage of all required practicals

Exam tips to help take you to the next level

Complete specimen exam paper with answers and explanations

Detailed advice on the most effective revision techniques

Topics covered in this Workbook



Variation and Evolution