CPD sessions with Shaun Donnelly now available

For schools across the UK, recruiting and retaining qualified science teachers is an ongoing problem.

With many science teachers teaching outside their specialism, the need for high-quality CPD is more pressing than ever.

With over twenty years of Science teaching (including ten as Head of Science), I can provide your teachers with the CPD they need.

Topics include

GCSE Physics for non-specialists
GCSE Chemistry for non-specialists
GCSE Biology for non-specialists
Making the leap from required practicals to better exam performance
Making retrieval practice work for your students in Science
Putting Rosenshine into practice

These cover both the subject content and the pedagogy needed to teach the topics effectively.

I am also happy to provide bespoke CPD, mixing and matching different topics for what your department needs.

Full day (in-person) from £800 + VAT
Half day (in-person) from £500 + VAT

I can also provide CPD via Zoom if required.

If you would like to know more, or find out how I can support your school, please email cpd@freesciencelessons.co.uk


“Shaun provided a CPD session for three schools in our multi-academy trust”


Although the session covered GCSE Chemistry, the participants included a range of science specialisms. All of the participants found the session to be engaging. 

Throughout the session, Shaun emphasised the importance of Rosenshine’s principles, in particular scaffolding and modelling for complex topics. Participants commented on how useful this was. Shaun also supported this with a range of resources, which he provided to the participants to use in their own lessons.

All of the participants would recommend Shaun’s CPD to a colleague at another school and in fact, we are exploring how Shaun can support us in future sessions.

Three schools in the North West

“We reached out to Shaun to provide CPD”


As a department, we identified the GCSE Physics required practicals as an area we needed to develop. We reached out to Shaun to provide CPD.

By breaking each practical down into manageable stages, Shaun made certain that everyone understood the content, including those teachers who are not Physics specialists.

Throughout the session he made explicit links to the specification, focussing on potential exam questions. This way, he made it very clear what students needed to know. 

He also made a point of emphasising the importance of the “Working Scientifically” part of the specification. Although this is common to Physics, Chemistry and Biology, it is easily missed so Shaun’s coverage of this was very useful.

School in the South East

“This was one of the most interesting and useful CPD I had all year on practical work”


This was one of the most interesting and useful CPD I had all year on practical work.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity not only to meet Shaun but to be taught by him. No wonder I did not want the session to end. I will take all this on board and I hope with practice and guidance I can enrich my practice.

School in the South of England

“The CPD was very clear and structured around carrying out a full scientific investigation”.


It was becoming apparent through quality assurance and assessment marking that our faculty were not delivering the working scientifically part of the AQA specification as well as could be. We asked Shaun to deliver some CPD on the working scientifically part of the specification. The CPD was very clear and structured around carrying out a full scientific investigation.

Shaun knew the AQA specification well and had a good knowledge of how this was commonly assessed, because of this he was able to give key insights into how the working scientifically part of the specification could be delivered to see maximum impact in attainment. Shaun’s CPD meant that as a head of faculty I was able to look straight into how this could be implemented in each year group and saved hours of research.

School in the Midlands

“Made us feel so welcome and was engaging throughout.”


Very high quality CPD session, firstly describing the principles of retrieval practice and giving specific strategies for application in science. Then moving on to specific teaching strategies for the delivery of required practicals. Made us feel so welcome and was engaging throughout.

School in the East of England

“Required practicals broken down really well, content easily understood by everyone”

“Links made to exam questions”

“Links made to the specification”

“You made it very clear as to what the students need to know for the exams”

“Liked the way how the structure/delivery mirrored your You Tube content”

“Coverage of the working scientifically element, which is easily missed”

Highlights of the the session from participating teachers