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School Licences

“This is the best workbook I have come across. It guides the student through the subject matter and gives them a thorough understanding of the material. The answers provided are also excellent and it is easy for a student to work backwards if they do not understand a concept.”

The freesciencelessons videos are complemented by a whole suite of workbooks, designed to extend and embed the students’ knowledge and understanding. These workbooks are written by me, Shaun Donnelly, the creator of freesciencelessons.

After many requests from schools, I’m now offering school licences to copy the workbooks.

The workbooks are a perfect resource for in-class teaching, SLOP, cover lessons, homework and exam preparation. They can also be used to support students with extended absences. Every topic at GCSE is covered in depth and supported by a video. Every question also has a detailed answer and explanation. Each workbook also includes a specimen exam paper, helping students to consolidate their learning.

I understand that schools have limited budgets so I’m keeping the price very low, starting at only 40p* per copy per workbook. That means that you can copy a workbook for 200 students for only £80. On top of that, I’m offering all six workbooks for the price of five. So you could provide all six workbooks to all 200 students for only £400.

You can see a preview of the Triple workbooks below. Books are also available for Combined Science Higher and Combined Science Foundation. If you would like to place an order or if you just want to know more, please email

Best wishes

Shaun Donnelly

Creator of freesciencelessons

* please note that 40p per copy is based on a licence for 200 copies. Licences for fewer copies will be priced on a sliding scale.

Click on the images below to see a preview of each workbook