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UPDATE 27 January 2021.

This update applies to the ebooks and printed books for Biology 2 Triple. In the chapter Pyramids of Biomass, question 1f should read “Explain why mammals and birds expend a greater amount of energy in respiration than other animals.” The answer should read “Mammals and birds maintain a constant body temperature even when the environment is cold. This means that they need a high rate of respiration to release the energy for this. In contrast, animals that do not maintain a constant body temperature do not need such a high rate of respiration.”

UPDATE 12 January 2021

This update applies to the ebooks and printed books for Biology 1 Triple, Combined Science Higher and Combined Science Foundation.  In the chapter Bioenergetics Required Practical Photosynthesis question 3, the answer should read “In the table, we have 36 and 40. This gives us a total of 76. Dividing 76 by 2 gives us a mean value of 38.”

The answer PDFs have been updated. Please download the updated version.


UPDATE 23 August 2020

This update applies to the ebooks and printed books for Physics 1 Triple. In the chapter Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion, question 3 should say “Krypton” for the second product of the reaction, rather than “Strontium”.


UPDATE 11 August 2020

This update applies to the ebooks and printed books for Physics 2 Triple, Combined Science Higher and Combined Science Foundation. The chapter “Acceleration” has an omission in the answer to question 4a (Triple and Combined Science Higher) and question 4 (Combined Science Foundation). The acceleration of the car during part C of the graph should have a negative sign as the car is decelerating. The correct answer is -0.096 m/s2 East.


UPDATE 5 August 2020

This update applies to the ebook and printed book for Physics 2 Triple. The chapter “Floating or Sinking” has a mistake in the diagram for question 3. The correct diagram is below.


UPDATE 21 May 2020

This update applies to both the ebook and printed book for Physics 1 Triple, Combined Science Higher and Combined Science Foundation. The chapter “Power of Components” has been updated. This affects question 3 only. Please download the updated question from the link below (the answer to this question has not changed).

Update 21 May 2020


UPDATE 20th April 2020

This update applies to both the ebook and printed book for Biology 1 Triple. The video for Monoclonal Antibodies has been updated. This has affected question 2. Please download the updated question 2 from the link below (the link also includes the updated answer).

Download Updated Question 2


UPDATE 29th February 2020

This update applies to both the ebook and the printed books Physics 2 Triple and Physics 2 Combined Science Higher. The answers to the chapter “Vector Diagrams” contains an error. For question 3a, the answer should say that the scale chose is 1cm = 0.5N and the resultant force is 6.6N. The answers to the Amazon books have been updated and the answers to the ebooks will be updated tomorrow.


UPDATE 8th February 2020

This update applies to both the ebook and the printed book Physics 2 Triple.  The chapter “Magnifying Glasses” has a mistake on the diagram.  The correct diagram is shown below.  Both the ebook and the printed book have been updated with the correct diagram.

Magnifying Glasses Updated Diagram for Physics 2 Triple books 8 February 2020

UPDATE 19th March 2019

For the Physics 2 video Required Practical 7 Acceleration, there is an omission in the first part of the practical (investigating how the force affects the acceleration of an object of constant mass). We are changing the force on an object, while keeping the mass constant. To do this, we use a mass on the end of a string to provide the force (which is the weight of the mass). We then change the force applied by decreasing the mass on the end of the string. Now the key point here is that we must not change the overall mass of the system. So, when we remove mass from the end of the string, we need to transfer that mass onto the toy car. That way, we have reduced the force applied (ie the mass in the end of the string) but we have not changed the overall mass of the system.

Sorry about that. I will update this video for 2019-2020.


UPDATE – 11th March 2019

We have made a change to the Chemistry Paper 1 Triple book.  Chapter 4 – Structure and Bonding page 33 has been updated with the answers for the first section (The Three States of Matter).  Please re-download that chapter from your accounts page.

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Are your Videos and Workbooks for the AQA specifications?

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Do the Videos cover Higher and Foundation?

Yes, all of the Higher and Foundation content is covered in the videos. Anything that is specifically for Higher students is clearly flagged up in the relevant video.

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I do update the workbooks (and the videos) periodically, often because I want to make something clearer.  You need to regularly check the updates section in the FAQ.

Will you be making Videos and Workbooks for other exam boards including iGCSE?

Yes, I am planning in the future to cover all the main exam boards including iGCSE.  This will take some time though.

When will the other Workbooks be available?

Each Workbook covers every single video and takes a great deal of time to write.  I am aiming to release a new Workbook every two to three months.

I think I spotted a mistake in a Video/Workbook what should I do?

Occasionally the odd mistake does crop up and I really appreciate it people let me know.  If you do think you have spotted a mistake please leave a comment on my youtube channel freesciencelessons or via twitter (@ukscienceguy).

Can I get a level 9 if I just watch your videos?

Some students may be  able to get level nines by basing all of their revision on my Videos (as well as past paper questions). However I would strongly recommend buying my revision Workbooks as these complement the Videos and will make your revision much more effective. I should point out though that the grade you get will depend both on your ability and the amount of work you put in. I cannot guarantee any grade for any student.

Where are the A-level Videos?

I have already produced several videos on A-level Biology and Chemistry and will be producing more later in 2019.  However I am focusing on the GCSE Workbooks at the moment and these are involving a great deal of work.

Why are the Videos free but the Workbooks aren't?

It’s really important for me that the Videos are free. This means that anyone around the world can benefit from them. However the Workbooks take hundreds of hours to produce.  I should point out though that I’ve made the Workbooks as cheap as I can. Considering the huge amount of content in them I think they are really excellent value for money.

Can you make a Video on a specific topic if I contact you?

Sorry but I cannot provide that service.  Each Video takes around 5 hours to produce. I still have to make GCSE Videos for other exam boards and also A-Level Videos.

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